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Jobs are already changing because of AI.  We at ai LaMo are here to help everyone handle this change. We believe AI has huge potential to make life better, but only if everyone can access it. Our global team works together to make AI learning fun, free, and effective for anyone who wants to learn, wherever they are.

About ai LaMo

As a trailblazer in AI education, ai LaMo is the first app of its kind, focusing exclusively on teaching the practical use of generative AI tools.  We use games, leaderboards, and real AI tools to make AI learning exciting. Everyone can join in, no matter where you come from. With ai LaMo, you're not just learning AI – you're part of a worldwide group of AI learners, sharing and growing together. We're opening doors to new chances and helping you shape your future.

Our Story

ai LaMo was created by Rene Bystron, Jan Dusek, and Pavel Novotny with a vision to transform AI learning. Launching in September 2023, we quickly welcomed 50,000 users, making us one of the world's largest AI learning platforms.

Our Offices
We're headquartered in Seattle. It’s where we’re making AI learning a bridge to opportunity for millions around the world. Alongside our Seattle hub, we have an office in Pardubice, Czech Republic, an emerging AI/ML hub in the heart of Europe.

Press Kit
Download our press kit for high-quality images, logos, and screenshots of the app. If you require any other assets, please get in touch with us.
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Press Releases
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Media Contact
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