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Community Guidelines

AiLaMo is a global community of AI enthusiasts and learners.
We believe in the democratization of AI education. Our guidelines are designed to build a harmonious understanding of what being a part of this AI-focused community entails. If these guidelines are not upheld, we will take necessary action. We urge you to read them carefully.

Always be Respectful
We are a diverse community of learners, aiming to harness the power of AI and its applications. Curiosity, questioning, and technological understanding are to be celebrated. Always respect others and their perspectives.

Support Across All Skill Levels
We are in this exciting journey together. Learning AI and ChatGPT applications can be challenging and requires dedication. If someone struggles or has a question, kindly help them out. A supportive environment is the key to collective learning. If you can't provide assistance constructively, it's better not to intervene.

Celebrate Different Learning Paths
The applications of AI are as varied as the learners in our community. From legal professionals to digital marketers, everyone brings unique insights. Be open-minded to these diverse viewpoints and experiences.

Think Before You Share
Your safety is our priority. While discussing and sharing is an integral part of learning, avoid posting any personal information that could be misused. This includes your contact details, age, location, work or school name, email, or any other personal data. Over-sharing can compromise your privacy. Encouraging others to share personal data might result in the removal of your post or account.

Please don’t use AiLaMo to...

Attack a person or group of people
AiLaMo is a safe space for learners of all backgrounds. Harassment and harmful content will not be tolerated. This includes using symbols, names, and text that promote hate, impersonation, and making offensive remarks. The same goes for inappropriate profile pictures and usernames. We reserve the right to replace images or remove accounts at our sole discretion. We may delete your account without prior notice if any abusive activities are verified by our team.

Spam the forum or people’s feeds
Posting irrelevant, abusive, illegal, or nonsensical entries anywhere on AiLaMo may lead to account deletion. This includes creating posts without substance, spamming, or sharing unrelated links excessively.
Use Unfair Practices AiLaMo promotes genuine learning. If you are caught cheating or sharing information about exploiting AiLaMo in a way that negatively impacts the system, community, learning, or user experience, your account and posts may be removed.

Post Inflammatory Comments
Hateful, obscene, and off-topic comments hinder the learning environment. Leave them out of the AI discussions.

To Summarize

  • We do not tolerate content that is:

  • Illegal Pornographic

  • Excessively profane or violent

  • Spam

  • Threatening, harassing, or bullying

  • Associated with racism or intolerance

  • Impersonating someone in a misleading or deceptive manner

  • Personal confidential information

Any content that violates the spirit of these guidelines may be removed, and you may risk losing partial or full access to AiLaMo without warning. By adhering to these guidelines, we can all contribute to a productive and engaging learning community.

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