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"You Sound Just Like ChatGPT!" Why Uninspired AI is My Creative Muse

Ever get annoyed when ChatGPT just spits out predictable ideas? I definitely have. But get this - its lack of originality can actually push us humans to think more creatively. Wild right?

I heard a great example from a recent Wired story. Some Harvard students were apparently discussing a case study about a kid facing expulsion for having weed. At first, they just repeated the usual stuff about fairness and equity.

Then in marched ChatGPT with an eerily similar script straight from the education handbook. Seeing their own lack of imagination reflected back was crazy uncomfortable. But it sparked them to challenge assumptions and brainstorm wild, outside-the-box solutions.

According to the article it was super tough for these students having this bot expose their conventional thinking. But it also jolted them to get creative in ways they wouldn't have otherwise. Interesting!

This reminds me of how disruptive tech often works. I guess an example could be early photography: the photos seemed bizarre and unrealistic because they broke art rules. But as people got used to them, new creative doors opened.

ChatGPT's predictable nature can humble our pride in uniqueness. And once we stop expecting it to give us extraordinary answers, we regain power to find them ourselves. Of course we need to use tech ethically. But I find it strangely inspiring that the basicness of current AI tools can push human creativity. Who says we can't teach old humans new tricks?

Key Takeaways:

  • Mirror Effect: ChatGPT highlights our own predictable thoughts.

  • Creativity Catalyst: AI's standard responses push humans to think innovatively.

  • Tech Evolution: Disruptive tech, like early photography, can reshape creative perceptions.

Cover image crafted using Midjourney. Want to see how it was made? Check out the creative prompt used: "A black female looking at a mirror, reflecting on their own thoughts and image of artificial intelligence forcing them to become more creative. Hyperdetailed photography, photorealistic. Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III USM lens on a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera.”

Disclaimer: This blog post was authored by a human, but research and editing assistance was provided by artificial intelligence.

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