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The 5 Skills AI Might Just Make Passé

The ascent of ChatGPT sparks a fascinating debate: are certain skills better left in the hands of advanced AI? As machines edge towards matching, and sometimes even outdoing human capabilities in specific areas, perhaps it's worth pondering where we truly shine, and where we might just be reinventing the wheel. As you are thinking about upskilling, here’s a list of skills that we predict AI might change fundamentally?

1. Writing: The allure of typing is waning for many. ChatGPT can whip up coherent

passages at a moment's notice. And while these texts aren't flawless, they highlight an intriguing question: If AI is catching up to human writing prowess, should we shift our energy elsewhere and let AI shoulder the routine? The novelist's craft may remain uniquely human, but for everyday composition, AI could be a game-changer.

2. Art Design: Perfecting the nuances of visual arts over years may seem an uphill battle when AI conjures striking graphics in mere seconds. This isn't to say AI-created designs possess the soul of a Picasso, but in a fast-paced world where efficiency reigns, might it be time to reserve manual design for those impassioned few, letting AI manage the more mundane visuals?

3. Data Entry: Inputting data is no one's dream job. If AI promises swift, error-free entry, isn't it time we hand over the spreadsheet reins? Overseeing outputs remains crucial, but the hands-on monotony of input? Perhaps, we're moving beyond that.

4. Data Analysis: Deciphering the stories behind numbers is currently our domain. Yet, as AI grows sharper, it's chipping away at the gap. The quintessential data analyst may soon feel like an artifact of a bygone era, with AI revolutionizing data insights.

5. Video Editing: Artistic flair in video remains human territory, but the tedious technical aspects might soon find their match in AI. As algorithms grasp our creative vision, the painstaking process of video editing might become a thing of the past, especially if consumer preference tilts towards quantity.

The bigger question looms: In a world racing towards innovation, should we embrace AI's prowess in areas it excels? Perhaps clinging to roles AI can aptly fulfill isn't forward-thinking. Instead, by harnessing AI's potential, we can focus on spaces where human touch, intuition, and emotion reign supreme. Embracing AI could be our ticket to unlocking avenues we've yet to envision.

Key Takeaways:

  • Evolving Role of Writing: While the craft of storytelling remains human, AI like ChatGPT is rapidly bridging the gap for everyday compositions.

  • Art & Automation: AI's efficiency in creating visuals challenges the need for manual design, reserving artistic passion for niche projects.

  • Redefining Data & Video Tasks: With AI streamlining data entry and analysis, plus reimagining video editing, the human role in these areas is poised for significant transformation.

Cover image crafted using Midjourney. Want to see how it was made? Check out the creative prompt used: "A human and a robot sitting side by side, both with tools or instruments symbolic of the skills mentioned (pen for writing, palette for design, computer for data entry, etc.). Hyperdetailed photography, photorealistic. Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III USM lens on a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera.****”

Disclaimer: This blog post was authored by a human, but research and editing assistance was provided by artificial intelligence.

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