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Is ChatGPT Your Next Teaching Assistant?

What if I told you your next teaching assistant might not be a person, but a machine? It's not a far-off sci-fi concept - it's happening right now across many classrooms with teachers leveraging chatGPT.

AI in the classroom has been controversial, with reactions spanning the spectrum. On one side, critics view it as a potential educational crisis, and it's easy to see why. Students can have ChatGPT summarize complex ideas or create something as whimsical as an economist rap. Earlier this year, NYC public schools even banned ChatGPT, only to reverse their decision. So yes, the concerns are real.

But I think there's another side to this story too. There are some who believe (and I’m one of them) that AI can actually push educators to step up their game. Instead of having students parrot back information, teachers can elevate their assignments. For instance, asking students to critically analyze and revise the AI’s response to a question. Plus, ChatGPT could help with creating lesson plans and even mundane admin tasks like writing recommendation letters. I have definitely used the help of AI to help me edit and even create structures for aiLaMo lessons.

Here at aiLaMo we’ve been inspired by a couple of other companies that are similarly interested in leveraging AI to improve education. For instance, Khan Academy is one organization that's riding the AI wave. They recently launched Khanmigo, a virtual guide powered by GPT-4. The program can support a wide range of educational activities and it even offers some seriously cool interactive experiences, like conversing with historical figures.

And it's not just classrooms that could benefit. I’ve been hearing about colleges using chatGPT to craft official college communications and ease their administrative burden. And think about it - if AI could streamline administrative processes, maybe we could finally tackle the sky-rocketing costs of college education. I’d say that’s a win on all side.

Key Takeaways

  • AI is making a splash in education, with tools like ChatGPT offering a range of educational applications.

  • While some see AI in education as a threat, others believe it can push educators to evolve and improve.

  • Innovative programs like Khanmigo are finding ways to harness AI for both classroom learning and administration.

  • The potential savings from AI implementation could help address the growing costs of college education.

Cover image crafted using the OpenAI Image Generator. Have a look here. Want to see how it was made? Check out the creative prompt used: "teachers using generative AI to help students in classroom"

Disclaimer: This blog post was authored by a human, but research and editing assistance was provided by artificial intelligence.

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